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Modern animal neurology allows us to improve greatly pet welfare, from making pets with spinal cord disease walk again to managing epilepsy. Working with your veterinarian, we can help with many disorders and conditions that threaten quality of life of your pet. We have very advanced medical imaging equipment such as High Field MRI, a multi-slice CT scanner, electrodiagnostics, class IV laser therapy as well as access to radiographs and bloodwork within an emergency hospital setting. Serving the eastern Ontario and Western Quebec region, our focused team of veterinarians performs neurology examinations, neurosurgery, advanced imaging, anesthesiology, with a group of focused veterinary technicians. We act as the next step, after being referred for further management. We are able to manage a variety of neurologic conditions. Some of these require very immediate response and we provide it, as needed. We use a computerized network environment allowing us to provide rapid results.
Please check our website for more details and talk to your vet, how to make appointment. Our phone number here 613.748.0364 is always opened for questions. We also have a lot stories on Facebook about our patients.